Sleeping Soundly: Your Guide To Better Rest with Dr. Michael Breus (Ep. 40)

Sleeping Soundly: Your Guide To Better Rest with Dr. Michael Breus (Ep. 40)

How well did you sleep last night?

Explore the critical importance of sleep with host Barbara Archer and sleep specialist Dr. Michael Breus on this week’s episode of Keeping the Well in Well-thy. Let’s discover how quality sleep enhances your health, productivity, and overall well-being as Dr. Bruce shares insights into the complexities of sleep disorders, genetic influences on sleep, and effective strategies to enhance your nightly rest.

Dr. Michael Breus discusses:

  • The distinction between diagnosable sleep disorders and poor sleep quality
  • Genetic factors in sleep conditions and the role of genetic testing
  • Impacts of sleep deprivation, from hormonal imbalances to mood disorders
  • Personalized sleep needs and innovative non-medical strategies for improving sleep, including positional adjustments and lifestyle modifications
  • The effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia and alternatives to sleep medication
  • Advanced treatments for sleep apnea, including oral appliances and surgical options
  • And much more!


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About Michael Breus, Ph.D: 

Michael Breus, Ph.D is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and one of only 168 psychologists to pass the Sleep Medical Specialty Board without going to medical school. He holds a BA in Psychology from Skidmore College, and PhD in Clinical Psychology from The University of Georgia. Dr. Breus has been in private practice as a sleep doctor for nearly 25 years. Dr. Breus is a sought after lecturer and his knowledge is shared daily in major national media worldwide including Today, Dr. Oz, Oprah, and for fourteen years as the sleep expert on WebMD. Dr. Breus is also the bestselling author of The Power of When, The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan, Good Night!, and Energize!

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