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How to Prepare your Family for What We Will Never Avoid with Kathi Balasek (Ep. 4)

How to Prepare your Family for What We Will Never Avoid with Kathi Balasek (Ep. 4)

Having tough conversations about the future and preparing for the inevitable can be extremely tough for many. As our guest Kathi puts it, “Grief is grief, no matter how you spin it, it can define you or strengthen you.” 

In this episode, Barbara Archer is joined by Kathi Balasek, university lecturer, educator, empathy and grief communication counselor, and widow ambassador on a mission to normalize the hard conversations surrounding loss and life’s difficult transitions. As the founder of Grief Smart Advisor, she is here to teach financial professionals how to improve their grief and literacy communication skills to better serve their bereaved clients.

Kathi Balasek discusses: 

  • Her life as a widow with five children to take care of   
  • The importance of having vital conversations with your spouse to prepare if they pass prematurely 
  • How to keep the memories alive of a loved one who has passed without the pain that grief can cause
  • How covid has normalized conversations surrounding death and steps forward once dealing with loss
  • And more

Kathi Balasek has resources on how to support people dealing with challenging transitions on her website, www.kathibalasek.com/ 

Connect with Kathi Balasek:

Email: kathi@kathibalasek.com 

Connect with Barbara: 

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