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The Silent Symptoms of Menopause with Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg (Ep. 5)

The Silent Symptoms of Menopause with Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg (Ep. 5)

Are you or a loved one nearing menopause or full menopausal? Have you been experiencing sleep problems? Do you feel moody? Do you have hot flashes, itchy skin or have you experienced hair loss? These are all silent symptoms of menopause. 

In this episode, Barbara Archer is joined by Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg, the chief of the division of behavioral medicine at McDonald women’s hospital, University hospitals at Cleveland medical center, and professor in reproductive biology and psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University. Her areas of clinical specialization include sexual medicine, female sexual disorder, menopause, pregnancy, and postpartum mood disorder, as well as the psychological aspects of infertility. 

Dr. Kingsberg is an associate editor for sexual medicine reviews, sits on the editorial boards of the Journal of menopause, and is a past president now serving as advocacy chair for both the North American menopause society and the international society for the study of women’s sexual health and she is here to discuss all things menopause! 

Dr. Sheryl Kingsberg discusses: 

  • Symptoms of menopause as well as those less common that many women undergo 
  • What to look out for when you are post-menopausal 
  • How menopausal symptoms can change balances in your vagina, making some daily tasks a little bit tougher
  • How to spot pre-menopause and understand how your body is handling it
  • And more


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