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Can you Hear Me?: Audiology Explained with Dr. Blair Cristel (Ep. 26)

Can you Hear Me?: Audiology Explained with Dr. Blair Cristel (Ep. 26)

Hearing health is an integral part of our overall well-being since sound opens us up to connecting with others, as well as appreciating music and the natural world around us.

Yet, we tend to take our hearing for granted in our busy modern lives.

In this episode, Barbara Archer sits down with Dr. Blair Cristel, Supervisor and Clinical Audiologist at Mercy Hospital St. Louis. They explore the importance of hearing health, Dr. Cristel’s journey into audiology, and the impact of hearing loss on cognitive decline. They also touch on choosing the right hearing aid and protecting our hearing from damage.

Dr. Cristel discusses: 

  • The signs of hearing loss
  • How hearing treatment is the number one modifiable risk factor to minimize cognitive decline
  • How untreated hearing loss can have an impact on our mental health
  • The development of smaller and more invisible hearing aids over the years
  • The accessibility and limitations of over-the-counter hearing aids for hearing loss
  • Guidance when seeking professional help
  • Noise levels that can damage hearing
  • Dizziness, and how it can be evaluated and treated by audiologists
  • And more!



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